Our 70 Years With Kitchen Remedies by Thelma Escobar Matta

By Thelma Escobar Matta

to start with, our mom and dad have been already of their sixties yet I by no means observed them be afflicted by nutrients Indigestion or Arthritis.
I used to be basically in grade 3 whilst i began utilizing treatments. i'm 50 years previous on 2012 yet i'm really not taking any prescription drugs for 12 years already. I by no means used to be in ache for lengthy time, and didn’t struggle through the soreness of Menopause. I by no means had even a unmarried appointment for a Mammogram. Even nowadays, I merely see medical professionals for employment reasons and to grasp what's bothering me.
In Philippines, males soak this treatment in a jar of one other therapy to extend erection. In 1990, it removed abdominal Ulcers in just 3 days. including it in our day-by-day cooking rebuilt the tissues of my brother’s lungs while he had Tuberculosis. It dried up fowl Pox in just 4 days. In 2005, it closed my Dad’s wound inside of his face which used to be as a result a fall in lower than 3 weeks. In 2006, I steered it to Salve to aid her from center illness.
In 1972, I used this treatment two times an afternoon to dry up wounds from my arms in just 3 days. i began utilizing this therapy back in 1996 whilst i used to be being affected by meals Indigestion; it used to be long gone in lower than 5 seconds. foodstuff Indigestion used to be heritage in just couple of minutes for Harry, Maurice, and Marcos, too. In 2005, it stopped Insulin for my Dad in just days. In 2006, it cleared Flesh-Eating-Disease in six weeks. In 2010, it got rid of Kidney ache in just few hours to 2 days which afflicted me few occasions already for the reason that 2010. In 2011, it stopped serious Hemorrhoid in days. It enhanced my Dad’s and Mom's urge for food, and offers me power on account that 2000 until eventually today.
These mixed treatments additional to Jean’s foodstuff in 1996-1997 bought her out of Emphysema in additional than a year.
In 1993 and 2006, this therapy removed Fever in 3 hours. In March 2000, it removed Cholera in 4 days which afflicted me for 16 months in view that November 1998, and removed Chest Pains in below 3 weeks. On July an analogous yr, foodstuff asthma which made me crimson and itching in all places long gone in 3 days. In 2004, it dried up epidermis melanoma in just 3 days. got rid of again and Muscle discomfort considering that 2002 in few hours. got rid of Arthritis for the reason that 2003 in just 3 days. Stopped critical Cough in below thirty mins in 2004. In 2005, including six items of it stopped Fever and Pneumonia in just 3 hours whilst my Dad was once within the ICU (I have the entire photographs of this ordeal). It stopped Diarrhea in lower than thirty mins for the reason that 2000. In 2006, it got rid of respiring trouble because of drugs in additional than one minute. In 2007, Gout used to be long past in few hours and irritation long gone in additional than an afternoon. In 2011, it removed bronchial asthma. It stops my Leg Cramps for the reason that 2011 in to 3 days until eventually Nov. 2012.
In 2005, this mixed juices from fruit and veggies got rid of my Dad’s Urinary Retention in just few hours, additionally for Annette in 2002 and her mild Edema on her correct foot a similar 12 months in days. a regular glass retains Constipation away. In 2004, it removed serious Edema in below months. only one glass relieved me from scorching Flashes in jiffy and it by no means stricken me the following 3 weeks in 2003. it truly is nonetheless my treatment every time i'm stricken with it. It got rid of Dad’s Insomnia in few hours.
This vegetable stopped Congenital center illness in lower than 3 weeks for our son in 1993.
These treatments mixed cleared my high blood pressure (173/145) in 2001 and (203/177) in June 2012 in just greater than 10 days (I used to be checked at prepare dinner County Hospital).
In 2007 and 2011, few of this fruit eliminate critical chilly in under 12 hours.
Two treatments mixed transparent Sore Throat in days and Tonsillitis in 4 days.
I am right here within the U. S. for 19 years yet I by no means had a Flu shot and it by no means afflicted me at all.
This fruit retains Osteoporosis away, and this different one in your vision.
So learn on and the way to dwell unfastened from discomfort and ailments your entire days.
To your health!

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