Chant of a Million Women by Shirani Rajapakse

By Shirani Rajapakse

Rajapakse explores id, values and women’s position in society during the poems in Chant of 1000000 ladies. She additionally appears on the suggestions of attractiveness and the factors imposed on ladies to comply. a few of the poems are tough hitting and tackle topics which are uncomfortable to discuss like rape, girl gender mutilation, abuse and male dominance. She talks approximately strength and the quiet strength that retains part the realm relocating even if there is not any hope.

The language is straightforward but the techniques and concepts aren't. They upward push from the intensity of our very being to swirl in the course of the pages compelling the reader to step into worlds created in the covers. there's beauty and energy juxtaposed with violence and weak spot as are different opposites resembling the divine and human frailty. those poems are like a breath of clean air, upsetting, enchanting and entertaining.

At our center is a chant,


like the susurrus of leaves simply breezes


Sometimes it opens lips

to sing like gurgling waters meandering

from the following to there, to anyplace it flows,

or the smooth tread of footfalls

on the trail outside.

But sometimes,

it’s a roar so loud

thunder stops in its tracks

in awe.

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