Ziliac (FICTION) (French Edition) by Jean-Pierre Méneroud

By Jean-Pierre Méneroud

Capturé sur les rivages d’Ighzer, arraché à sa famille, Ziliac, le pauvre berger doué d’une infrequent intelligence, devient esclave de los angeles cité de Nabel. Il va dès lors vivre une succession d’aventures extraordinaires, qui vont radicalement changer sa vie et sa personnalité. los angeles quête permanente du savoir et du pouvoir va guider ses pas et l'entrainer dans une réflexion approfondie sur le sens de los angeles vie. Que va-t-il découvrir au fin fond de l’empire où il vit désormais ? Arrivera-t-il à retrouver les siens ? Percera-t-il quelques-uns des mystères de l’existence ?

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Starbird: Oneida's Fury by Robert James Schultz

By Robert James Schultz

Gunnar Conrad and Audra Atlanta have made a superb lifestyles jointly as husband and spouse serving with the Kalamar Flight Ministry.  But Gunnar’s excessive hazard career because the Ministry’s most sensible fighter ace has lengthy bothered Audra.   Her hopes of having Gunnar out of the cockpit are eventually learned whilst Gunnar’s life-long pal and wingman, Rick Niker, recommends him for a command chair of 1 of Kalamar’s new attack Corsairs, the Starbird.

Tough, compact and strong, the Starbird is a thorough new leap forward in Corsair design.  yet even new know-how has its limits.  On one among their first project assignments, Gunnar and Rick are dispatched to rescue a number of Kalamarion freighters stuck within the expansive gravitational fields of a category 4 Black gap, the Oneida Cauldron.  stuck within the comparable gravitational fields, they locate themselves in a no win state of affairs the place merely theoretical computer virus gap commute might help them escape.  one way or the other, a miscalculation sends their ships throughout time and area to a different galaxy the place they're thrown into the center of a clash as unforgiving because the one they got here from.

Enduring own tragedy, Gunnar and Rick locate new acquaintances in not likely areas as they're relentlessly pursued by means of the warring factions of Hadrian for the tremendously complicated know-how that's, the Starbird.

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Future Imaginings: We May Someday Live in Unimaginable Times by Howard Paul Feigelman

By Howard Paul Feigelman

The prehistoric sky is faded blue, and it truly is chilly sufficient to make frost shape virtually immediately round the nostril and beak of the Pteranodon who has simply woke up in a treeless land of ice past the achieve of the solar. The weather on the North and South Poles is altering, resulting in a confusing end result that mankind is not able to manage or defeat.

As the Pteranodon cranes its lengthy neck and surveys the frigid, endless miles of white in look for nutrition, others arrange to flee the ice felony that has held them in a frozen kingdom for sixty-five million years. Now, within the possible unending evening, they're alive again—the results of international warming. not anyone is extra conscious of the escalating environmental disaster than Professor Edgar Hauptman. As he wonders no matter if time is working out, Hauptman writes a arguable essay that reaches the table of the President, inflicting speedy chaos as every person wonders if mankind is doomed.

In a determined try and cool the earth, Hauptman leads an formidable venture to the sea ground. luck capability new lifestyles, yet failure potential dying of the area as they comprehend it. Can he shop the planet in time?

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Growing Young by Dean Warren

By Dean Warren

After a longevity of accomplishments, Dr. Mark Langer faces the terminal decay of getting older. determined males persist with whispers that microbiologists know the way to come back early life. yet, if real, the danger of overpopulation might break civilization. Langer fights the wealthy, the strong, and the felony to deliver this miracle to his afflicted international. yet first he needs to shop himself and grab his personal likelihood at a moment life.

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The Last Underclass:Geneticists divide humanity into two by Dean Warren

By Dean Warren

'By 2152, clever desktops have changed center managers, carrier staff, and plenty of pros. Billions overcrowd the planet; the fewer smart subsist on welfare. Galactic payment beckons yet ruling “Achievers” say the incompetent bad needn't practice. “Quiet” Griffin, a ghetto “Welfie,” opposes them and learns that upper-class geneticists breed “improved” people from the terrible, then transplant elderly personalities into younger our bodies. How can Quiet retailer humanity from genocide and unprincipled genetic tampering?

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Alphaean by Matthew Castellucci,John Castellucci

By Matthew Castellucci,John Castellucci

Six younger males, stuck in the course of a countrywide trouble, have the event in their lives as they subscribe to the rebellion, a firm created to oppose the reign of the Omega, a tyrannical ruler who's grasping for energy. even if, the younger mens' awareness shifts from the political to the non secular as they observe not just fact for his or her personal lives, but in addition the darkish, underlying explanation for the Omega's actions.

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Sternstaub, Goldfunk, Silberstreif: Roman (German Edition) by Jörg Albrecht

By Jörg Albrecht

Wie sähe eine Geschichte der Deutschen im Weltraum aus, wenn technological know-how Fiction und Fictive technological know-how ineinander übergingen? Wenn, was once in Filmen, Büchern, Romanheftchen als Zukunft beschrieben wurde, wirklich Realität geworden wäre? Jörg Albrecht schickt Kym, Tym & Martyn in ein kindliches Weltraumfahrerspiel, um nach deutschen Spuren im All zu suchen. Eben noch Erstklässler, sind die drei in Sekundenschnelle zehn Jahre älter und jagen durch die Zeit, die für sie zum Raum wird, Funksprüchen hinterher, die vom Summen des Universums berichten. Auf der Suche nach den musikalischen Gesetzen des Alls führen sie die deutsche Einheit herbei. In einer Notoperation werden die Augäpfel eines Astronauten und eines Kosmonauten zu einem visuellen Apparat verschweißt. Sandmännchen foreign vermittelt als Ost-West-Wesen zwischen den Nationen. Der Roman entwirft aus technischen Daten, Bildern und historischen Berichten eine Geschichte der deutschen Familie im outer house: von Johannes Kepler über Otto Lilienthal und Wernher von Braun zur Raumpatrouille Orion. Eine Space-Opera, die auch von den Weltraummythen des Pop erzählt, von David Bowie bis zu den Klaxons.

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TOUT BOB MORANE/34 (Tout Bob Morane series) (French Edition) by Henri Vernes,Pierre Joubert,Philippe Lefrancq,Les Editions

By Henri Vernes,Pierre Joubert,Philippe Lefrancq,Les Editions Ananke

Pour le centième numéro de los angeles assortment, je voulais frapper un grand coup. J’ai, donc, été fouiner du côté du fantastique en remettant au goût du jour les vampires. Et je me suis arrangé pour que les ennuis s’accumulent sur et autour de Bob Morane.
Henri Vernes au sujet de 'Commando Epouvante'

Dans ce XXXIVème recueil signalé Henri Vernes:
Commando Epouvante (100)
La Piste de l'Ivoire (101)
Les excursions de Cristal (102)

Un « Cône » est tombé au coeur du Brésil et y sème los angeles terreur. Pour découvrir le mystery du mystérieux engin, Bob Morane est contraint à se lancer à travers l. a. Forêt Amazonienne. Mais le « Smog », commandé par los angeles troublante et vénéneuse pass over Ylang-Ylang, est lui aussi à l. a. recherche du « Cône ». Tout se passe à mi-chemin du cauchemar et de l. a. réalité.

Les richesses naturelles des can pay africains ont toujours provoqué los angeles convoitise des margoulins de toutes espèces, avides de s'enrichir illégalement. C'est contre une bande de trafiquants que Bob Morane se dresse cette fois, sur los angeles piste de l'ivoire...

Un aérolithe qui explose, et voilà Bob Morane lancé à l. a. poursuite d'un continent légendaire, qui apparaît et disparaît soudainement comme un lapin dans le chapeau de l'illusionniste…

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